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Pure Anti-Swelling Patch

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Pure Anti-Swelling Patch
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Effectively eliminating excessive fluids and harmful substances in your body through your soles. 

    Packed with ginger extracts and other natural ingredients, this patch efficiently minimizes the lumps as it soothes the pain in your swollen ankles and legs.


    Why we should use ginger foot patch?

    Ginger is considered to be one of the most important herbs available to us. It can literally be considered a ‘treasure chest’ of remedies in itself. From soothing sore throats to killing pain it has vast healing properties and a number of benefits


    • Powerful Formula - packed with ginger extracts and other natural ingredients, this patch contains anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties.
    • Effective Detox - an alternative solution to treat inflammation using detox pads, eliminating the waste and impurities through the soles of your feet.
    • Quick Satisfying Turnout - draw out the toxins in your body, successfully reducing inflammation and pain with just a single patch overnight! 
    • Alleviate Pain and Swelling - efficiently minimizes the lumps as it soothes the pain in your swollen ankles and legs. 

    • Health Advantages - proven to stimulate blood circulation, boost your metabolism, regulate your sleep, relieve stress and fatigue,  and burn down fats the natural way. 
    • Safe to Use - absolutely non-invasive and non harmful to your skin, it enhances the acupuncture points in the body.
    • Strongly Adheres -  equipped with superior sticking that clings right away on your soles and stays overnight.


    • Remove the sticker underneath the pad, stick the powder packet to the center of the tape, place your clean and dry feet in the middle. Pull out the pad after 8 hours before cleaning the residues. 
    • For best result, apply daily before going to sleep


    • Ingredients: ginger powder, bamboo vinegar powder, wood vinegar powder, dextrin, tourmaline, vitamin C, plant piber, anion powder, chitosan
    • Size: 7 cm x 5 cm
    • Quantity: 10 patches per pack


      • 20/30/40pcs x Pure Anti-Swelling Patch

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